Saving Money on Healthcare

Recently, I was shocked to learn that I was paying more for my chiropractic care by using my health insurance than I would have if I had just opted
to pay directly to my chiropractor.

Not sure what the deal is but chiropractor charged the insurance company $120 for my massages + $20 cop-pay to me. Of that $120, insurance company only covered $60, leaving $60 for me to pay. So in a nutshell I paid $60+ $20 (my co-pay) = $80. On the other hand if I had opted not to use my health insurance my chiropractor would have given me a discounted price of $40 only.

Wow!!! I was paying double the amount by using my health insurance. What a scam!

So next time when you are going to see a chiropractor, doctor, dentist etc. make sure to inquire about your benefits, deductible and cash only options. Maybe cash only option (e.g. paying directly to the provider without using your health insurance) will result in the lowest out of pocket expense.

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