Live Like A Miser or Enjoy Life: My Story

I have heard many financial and well respected guys tell you how to save money by turning off your heater or never powering on A/C and all that crap.

I will tell you my story and all the advice I am giving on this blog based on my life experience and how I want to live. Maybe you agree with those other experts and that is totally fine but that is just not my style. I want to live a fulfilling life that allows me to make use of inventions human kind has given and the rich experiences of life.

I grew up as an average kid back in India. My dad was business man who had a small clothing store in a small town. Business was good and everything looked good. He did not save any money or never worried about tomorrow. We had good life and everything that was saved from the day to days expenses went straight into the business to keep an ever growing inventory. His mission was to live a nice life (he lost his dad when he was 3 and he had been working since then), enjoy it and provide the same for his family of six members. He sent us to the best school in 100 km radius. Since the town we lived in was owned by government, no one could buy a house there, everybody lived in rental houses. Though we had money, we lived in a 2 room house (total 2 rooms + kitchen, bathroom and a tiny open area) because that was the only option. Houses were small but we never even felt it, because that was the way of life.

Well things do go bad every now and then. Right? That’s what happened. He lost everything to theft in his store and overnight he lost everything. We were POOR. Due to local corruption among police and govt. officials he did not get a dime from the insurance, even though he had connections but corruption in India is deeper than you can ever imagine.

I admire my dad and mom for staying strong even we went from living a rich life to poor life. My dad borrowed, against his goodwill, because that’s all he had left. Tried to revive the business but that did not happen. Despite having lost of the money he made sure we 4 kids went to the same school that we were going earlier, and trust me that school was very expensive but he valued education a lot and did not want to take that opportunity away from us. For him, money comes and goes but education remains with us (I will write more about education later, keep in mind education is not just going to school and doing homework and getting As).

To make long story short (I will write more on this later), I became engineer and came to US to pursue my America Dream. When I came here I did not even have 15 cents in my pocket to pay for a bus, so walked 2 miles to get to my house and eat Top Ramen noodles. I passed Taco Bell and Burger King along the way but did not have few cents to buy a burrito or a burger. That was in 1993. Today, 18 yrs later, I am glad I don’t have much to worry about. Though in last 18 yrs I never thought about saving money by cutting on electricity (though you should conserve energy but not by depriving yourself of one of the greatest invention in human kind).

I will write more about my story, my philosophy about life and how to enrich it. It is different from many others but so far it has served me well.

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