How Valuable Is Your Time?

One of the biggest things that stands between a person and success is time. We all get 24 hours in a day and how we use those 24 hours determine our life. You can spend all those hours sleeping (if that’s what being successful means to you and makes you happy), we can spend watching football, playing with our kids, arguing with significant other etc.

After talking to few people I found out that, in monetary terms, people view their time based on what they make currently. Somebody who makes $25 and hours views the value of their time as $25 while someone who makes $200K a year values their time as over $100 per year. What I found is that the more people make the more their perception of the value of their time increases. In my opinion this difference keeps them on a path to make more and more money.

A person who perceives that the value of their hours is $25 is very happy to mow the lawn while somebody who values his/her time as $100 is more likely to hire someone at $25 to mow the lawn while they spend their time either making over $100/hr or spending time in activities that they perceive are more valuable than $100/hr e.g. playing with kids etc. (Of course in some cases a person making a lot of money might consider mowing the lawn as an opportunity to relax, in which case the perceived value of that activity is more than $100/hr).

The more you value your time and chose things wisely the more likely you will make more money.

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