Does Our Education System Prepare Us For Life?

Yesterday I had a party at my house for my son’s 3rd birthday. This was Saturday of Labor Day weekend. As clock ticked to8:30 a lot of them started to get anxious about the time. When I asked them what was going on, one of them said “well our kids have to do homework and they need to get back home and go to bed so that can get up on time tomorrow and do their homework”. Another couple had similar response. When I replied “Homework is overrated, let your kids live life and chill”, everybody turned to me and said “wait till your kid gets homework, and then we will ask you”. My response “I never cared about homework when I was a kid. I did care about what I was learning though and that’s what I will expect from my son”. Overload of homework makes us think inside the box and not “outside the box”. I had several kids in my class who were all doing great in class. I was one of those who nobody expected a lot from because I did not do well in my class. One thing though I was doing was grasping everything on not cramming the subject matter. After few years it was clear to everybody how that prepared me for the real world. I am very proud that I am far better than many of my friends who took their homework so seriously but forgot about the thing called “life”. (Note: I grew up in India)

What do you think? Do you think our education system prepare us well for “life”?

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