My Expereince with Micro-lending

indexI have heard about Micro-lending i.e. lending small amounts of money to individuals.  There are several online platforms that allow you to lend money to people/small business around the world.  You get the benefit of not only helping people in need but also make better interest than letting your money sit in the bank.

I will be writing a series of blog post about my journey in Microlending, as a lender.  I did a quick random survey and found out that will be a good option to try it.

So I signed up with them and invested $500.00 in the beginning and then I will be seeding it with $25 every other week.  I will post about my experience on this blog.

So far I have contributed $525.00

Have you invested in Lending Club or any other microlending site?  Share your thoughts.


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