Investing Tips for Current Times: Make 4% or More For Sure

Yesterday I had an opportunity to talk to a CEO of a wealth management company. She manages millionaires’ wealth and I assume her company must be doing well because she was traveling first class.

Since I had an opportunity to talk to her, I asked her if she can give some quick free advice on where to invest money in these tough economic times.
Her reply was

  1. Stay and invest in the stock market if you have more than 8 years to retires
  2. Invest in bonds if you want to retire in less than 8 years
  3. Pay off your mortgage it is a sure way to make 4% or more (i.e. you won’t have to pay interest on your mortgage).
  4. Look into real estate for investing, though it might see some more downward pressure in near future.

What do you think?

My Expereince with Micro-lending

indexI have heard about Micro-lending i.e. lending small amounts of money to individuals.  There are several online platforms that allow you to lend money to people/small business around the world.  You get the benefit of not only helping people in need but also make better interest than letting your money sit in the bank.

I will be writing a series of blog post about my journey in Microlending, as a lender.  I did a quick random survey and found out that will be a good option to try it.

So I signed up with them and invested $500.00 in the beginning and then I will be seeding it with $25 every other week.  I will post about my experience on this blog.

So far I have contributed $525.00

Have you invested in Lending Club or any other microlending site?  Share your thoughts.


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